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  1. Joe Bavaro said:

    Oregon Express needs to be under Restaurants @ Bars

  2. Hello,
    where can I find some type of informative stuff on the homes in the Oregon district?
    Suppose I want information (maybe a book) to organize in walking the area with a group of people.

  3. Aniolek said:

    I’m going to be staying in Downtown Dayton this coming week for business. I’m not very familiar with the area and was wondering if it’s safe to walk from my hotel (which is just up 5th St) to your bars and restaurants during the evening hours. It seems crazy to take a cab for .03 miles. Thanks for your help and I look forward to visiting the Oregon District!

  4. I’m currently looking into buying a home in the Oregon District. Since it is a histroic district I am curious about the process/rules/regulations when it comes to repairs, remodeling, and things like paint colors, etc.. Any help with information on this will be greatly appreciated.

    • ljgonya said:

      In a nutshell, when you make a change or rennovation to the outside of your building, you have to contact that Landmarks department with the city. Depending on the depth of the project, what is required will vary. For paint colors, generally you just submit the manufacturers info and they either approve or don’t. If it’s a major change, you may have to go before the landmarks commission. It sounds more intense than it is (really, the process is so that you don’t smack vinyl siding or a chain-link fence around a historic home). For minor things, Landmarks simply issues a Certificate of Appropriateness (aka a little green sheet of paper that you put in your front window), and you can get started on your project. It’s a great neighborhood–and in 10 years I could paper a wall with my little green sheets. All the best as you consider Oregon for your next home.

  5. Rosie Miller said:

    Do you have a date set for your 2013 garage sale?

    • The date has not been set, but has traditionally been the first or second Saturday in June.