Neighborhood Picnics

Picnics in the park are open to all residents and their guests. Please bring a side dish or dessert, and $3/person for the kitty. Also remember to bring your own drinks, as well as blankets and/or lawn chairs. Plates, utensils and napkins are provided, but bringing your own is also greatly appreciated! Keep in mind that our picnics are held in a public city park, in which alcoholic beverages are not permitted, use discretion. No dogs please.

Host a Picnic!
The responsibilities of a picnic host are:

  • Make arrangements for main course and/or picnic create and distribute a flyer.
  • Include theme/main dish, time and a reminder to donation to kitty $3.00/person.
  • Distribute to all residents (all housing units) between Tuesday and Thursday prior to picnic date. You can ask the Block Captains to help distribute.
  • Arrange to get picnic supplies, inventory prior to date and replenish if needed.
  • Find a sponsor, if possible. Many of the area restaurants are happy to sponsor the picnic as a means of promotion. If no sponsor is found just use the “kitty” to reimburse yourself for any expenses.