About The District

The Oregon District, Dayton’s oldest Historic District, offers the very best of urban living. The beautiful historic homes are located within walking distance to some of Dayton’s best shopping, restaurants, bars, and galleries. The charming streets feature magnificent architecture and lovely gardens surrounding an inviting community park with a playground and gazebo — a neighborhood gathering place that hosts frequent neighborhood picnics, spontaneous play dates, Puppies in the Park days, and even the occasional wedding.

More than thirty years ago the people of Oregon were described as courageous pioneers. And they were proved very right. Overcoming neighborhood blight, they forged ahead with bricks and mortar to revive Dayton’s oldest neighborhood. Today Oregon is one of the most spirited, vitally alive communities you’ll find in the area. You’ll see superb examples of art and architecture past and present. The district teems with historical buildings, restaurants, antique shops, café’s, a comedy club, Ohio’s largest Halloween party, picnics in the park, street vendors, musicians, and a unique Rock Climbing Gym – Urban Krag.

The Oregon Arts District
Whatever your curiosity, there’s an adventure to be had in the Oregon Arts District. The eclectic brew of artistic, educational, and cultural options includes everything from Japanese calligraphy and painting classes, First Friday gallery hops, and bonfires in the nearby Garden Station. Add to this short list an ever-rotating anthology of special events, such as a dinner party based on the work of a gallery exhibition. Plus, the Oregon Arts District’s galleries go more for festivity than artsy-fartsy, embellishing their exhibits with belly dancing, opera, poetry readings, workshops and more.

Some of Dayton’s most acclaimed restaurants are here. You’ll enjoy the finest seafood at Jay’s Seafood where the atmosphere is charming and includes an elegant bar. Roost Modern Italian provides a delicious modern take on Italian dishes, while also presenting a comfortable, high quality dining setting. And there is Thai 9 premium Thai and Sushi restaurant and Franco’s Ristorante Italiano.There are over 16 bars and restaurants to select from! Take a few hours to dine and shop in this charming area and you will know that the most pleasant travel experiences often come in very small packages. Enjoy lunch at Oregon Express, known for their delicious pizza and artichoke sandwiches and a view of the trains that pass through Oregon daily. Enjoy shopping for vintage items at Feathers and Jimmy Modern or visit ReCreate, a music boutique or BRIM hats & accessories for ladies & gentlemen, big & small.

Deciding where to stay near Oregon poses a happy dilemma. You can choose the grand and opulent Crown Plaza or a small and cozy bed and breakfast such as My Grandfather’s Garden or the Inn Port Bed & Breakfast and Suites. Much has been said about Oregon’s hospitality and it’s all true. Oregonians are at ease with visitors and often their lovely homes are open for tours in the fall and at Christmas time. They are proud of their neighborhood and happy to get to know you. Knock on the door for a closer look and often you will be welcomed in or stroll through the brick streets and view the many beautiful gardens.


4 thoughts on “About The District”

  1. Kevin Cook said:

    Are you guys doing a Christmas tour of homes this year? Please advice…

  2. Old School said:

    My old stomping grounds includes the Oregon District area. I moved out of state not to long ago. I’m moving back in the near future. My question is, can I still become an member of the Oregon Historic District Society before I move back? Thank you….

    • Active membership can include a resident of the District or non-resident owner of a property within the
      District who is eighteen years of age or older. Mr. or Ms. Old School might as well wait until they move back to the OD. -George Wymer 6:46 AM (2 hours ago)